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What we Offer

RUMMING network is committed to help you in the best possible way to develop new customers, new markets and new sales in Greece, Albania and Kosovo at the lowest cost and with zero risk! How would you feel the idea of having “your own” company abroad, with office, warehouse, secretary, warehouse, internet, telephone and NO tax liability! This is feasible, because RUMMING Idea acts as a representative office. “We operate like you, for you”
Our company provides you with modern facilities in Athens, Tirana and Pristina as a representative office so you always have a dynamic presence in each country whenever you need it.
We are a team of skilled professionals in different fields, who we take for you the right and serious growth of your businesses in the Balkans through representing your corporate interests.

In particular, our company provides you with

If you are interested in starting successful sales abroad without any risk, RUMMING Idea provides you with support in every field in your export career.

We also undertake to defend your corporate interests and facilitate you in any case!