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Our Dream Team

We are a team of high specialized people with perfect combination for providing to our customers what they need. We are different professionals from different sectors working together to maximize our performance. Offering products and services considering clients’ needs and satisfaction for their major priorities. Characterized by a friendly culture, critical thinking and open minded for new technologies and policies we aim in high growth and progress of our clients and especially in construction industry we desire to provide aesthetic, sustainable and cost-effective solutions.

Ilba Tomori Rumi

in service and consulting

Ilba Tomori Rumi graduated on Economics, master of sciences with expertise in finance and marketing in various business sectors, including fair international organizations, aiming the strengthening of collaborations and raise of investments, which dedicated most of the time. Her background and passion for this field have motivated her to undertake her own initiative , representing Rumming Idea, part of Rumming group, specialized in service and consulting in the field of marketing and supporting of investments.



Ana Tomori is an environmental engineer with expertise in environmental management, indoor air treatment and energy efficiency.
So far Ana holds certificates in the field of environmental impact assessment, energy audit and design of mechanical plants and renewable energy plants by Albanian institutions. Her background varies from academic in University where has been part of scientific research on biogas production as well, EU projects on environmental management and as engineer and manager in the private sector of air treatment units design.
Panagiotis Roumis



Panagiotis Roumis studied Civil Engineering. With previous experience as a construction foreman, clerk, export salesman, external professor and civil engineer he has worked in major domestic and international companies.
In 2012, he created the company RUMMING | Exclusive Constructions Hive and subsequently transformed into a group of companies with 5 total companies, each of which specializes in a specific field Today, the company has offices and warehouses in Greece, Albania, Kosovo and a partner office in Italy, providing architectural, decorative and construction solutions mainly to professionals in the construction industry but also to investors.

Edlira Braçellari

Financial Sector Supervisor

Edlira Braçellari is an Albanian Certified Accountant. She is the current Managing of “EA Financial Services” in Albania. Throughout the 25 years of her professional career, she has provided her experience in accountability services, consultancy and other tax advisory services. Her experience covers different industries: Albanian and other countries companies.
Our approach is to match the quality of service, to work in partnership and to seek together appropriate solutions.



Petros Daidis has been active as a freelancer in the field of accounting and tax services since 1977, with uninterrupted and consistent activity in the domestic and European market.
Has developed cooperation with the company of accountants and certified auditors BAKER TILLY KLITOU & Partners and is always informed about the latest developments in accounting science, which aim to comprehensively cover our clientele against all kinds of requirements and developments of modern legal and business.
By providing the highest possible cost to quality ratio of services provided, we have for many years ensured the maximum possible satisfaction of our partners, which translates into both stable business relationships and unreserved recommendations to third parties for the reliability and proven effectiveness of his services and practices.